How We Started

The Careline Home Support Story

The beginning of our company stem through the experiences and drive of both partners, James and Carol Imrie, who have started and built the organization from the foundations of a franchise. However, after 5 years of operating under the franchise, the partners decided that it was time to break-away and take full control to enable them to go in the direction that was best for the clients, staff and the company overall. Our first base of operations was out of a small office deep in the southside of Glasgow. After breaking off from the franchise, the partners decided it was time to expand, which followed a move in premises, to enable plans for a larger management team to go ahead. The result of moving to a larger premises in 2003 is where we still base our head office today.

 The interests in the care sector stemmed from Carol and her years as a nurse, along with James’ passion for customer service through his other enterprise, Imrie Fruit. Carol qualified as a registered nurse In 1980 and then worked as a district nursing sister until she started a family with James. These combined interests brought about the decision for James and Carol to look into another venture and it was Carol’s suggestion after discovering a niche in the market, in particular care at home. This then led to the franchisee in Community Careline Services.

After the business broke away from the franchiser and became its own entity, the name still remained, which was the case until 2013. The partners and our valued and missed care manager at the time, Janet Cumine felt that the name was too generic and tied with the franchise and wanted to fully establish our own identity.


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