Communicating with Dementia- 12 Helpful Hints

  1. Be calm and patient.
  2. Face the person, speak clearly and slow enough to understand.
  3. Make sure that you have their attention by gently touching their arm and saying their name.
  4. Use short, simple sentences and say exactly what you mean.
  5. Try to get one idea across at a time
  6. Allow plenty of time for the person to take in what you say and in turn to reply.
  7. Do not confuse or embarrass the person by correcting them bluntly.
  8. Use questions which ask for a simple answer- no one needs complexity.
  9. Do not ask questions which test their memory- e.g. “Who am I?”
  10. Talk about familiar places, people and ideas.
  11. Use the names of the people you are talking about, instead of “he/she”. It will help remind the person who you are talking about.
  12. Use facial expressions and hand gestures to help make yourself understood.

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